After completing my training as a Building Engineer I’ve worked for a time with a number constructions firms and architectural companies. Specialised in the refurbishment of Historical buildings my love for interiors pushed me to obtain my degree as Interior designer in Madrid.

Moving to London, was probably the best decision of my life and I can only be grateful for the years I spent working hand to hand with Shailja Vohora , that was the period when I understood the meaning of delivering high-end luxury. 

Then, that meeting with Leon Kalkwarf , I still remember how he said, can you see this white page? This is the Interiors department, would  you build it from scratch? And that was the day I become the Head of Interiors at Tenorite Interiors , a challenge now converted into a very dynamic team, multi award-winning interior design and architecture practices,  where I'm currently responsible for designing and managing leading-edge projects around the world. 
Today, I am lucky to be working with high net worth clients and entrepreneurs across the UK, Spain, India, the Middle East and The Caribbean and I can say I keep the same passion that lead me to take that plane to move to the UK, aiming to give more visibility to the design process and making it accesible worldwide. 
Some of my achievements include:  
Designer of awarded winner of ‘Apartment/ Condominium Bahamas’ in the International Property Awards Americas.  
Designer of the penthouse sold for record-breaking £2.5M. during first pandemic lockdown. Record price for a one bedroom flat in SW1H. See article