In the and era time of globalization and the modern era of machines and technology, we have left behind the authentic work and skills of craftsmanship. Obviously, technology has overtaken the world for good, has brought everyday benefits for us, has made everything fast approachable and has given us a variety of choice over things. Traditional crafts and craftsmanship have taken the back seat and merely died down to as traditional and heritage pieces. But in the process, the real quality of art and the real craftmanship has been left behind.

However, with the awakening and realization of real craftsmanship and skills among the lovers of art, people have gone back to adopting local craftsmanship in their art of work, and for their homes.

In the Interior Design industry, the authentic and traditional craft can never be replaced. With the awakening of authenticity, there has been a call for skilled craftsmanship. The consumer is calling for quality over massive production. Which can be fulfilled by the traditional craftspeople who never ceases to deliver the quality in bespoke pieces. 

As a true lover of interior design and a devoted believer in the fact that quality and authenticity speaks over massive production and economical production of interior designing pieces. Local craftsmanship in the interior designing industry has helped revive the authenticity and quality of the real skills which are used to make bespoke pieces and I believe that the revival of local craftsmanship can only be brought about by maintaining strong ties with the local craftspeople. 

As a true devotee of art and a lover of traditional craftsmanship, I reckon that the less I can do for the revival of traditional craftsmanship and for local craftspeople is the supporting  local craftspeople. Without any doubt, excellence can be achieved by delivering quality skills and work to customers, which local craftspeople have the ability to do.